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Christine Ely Nov 2019
awe is mine at seeing
Your fearless way of being
You act, and write, creating
A loud testament to authenticity.
And it’s stories,
ones upon reading evoke some feeling
And I admire your character even more.
You are a character, a pagan with a penchant for early 2000s music,
who is content on her own.
You make the days pass in sunshine
(though all insist that you’re darkly inclined)
and you make us howl with laughter
in public while people stare.
Alienpoet Jan 2017
The black

The hole in my soul aches
Waking from nightmares
hoping god will take them away
Madness the veil of midnight across all I see
Wanting to see actual reality
In amongst it all
The physical and mental wall
Has ring fenced me in
The pale emperor is king
He is the ghost of all my sin
Taken from me is my soul within?
His gnarled and twisted skin
religions faith is wretched
Stretched out of shape
I look to love but all I get is hate
But maybe if I get to write my own book
Fate will abandon its cruel story for me
If it's not too late...
I wrote this because madness and depression have become a veil in which I can see through darkly and yet I want the power to change my fate.

— The End —