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Alice Oct 2019
She should have known not to trust the sparkling summer snow;
For it hardened into the ice that extinguished her fiery glow.
Maple Mathers Mar 2016
Doesn't make her an
(All poems original Copyright of Eva Denali Will © 2015, 2016)
Darkness feeds on light
That speckle of warmth and white
that flushes out your blood
And you are left with the warmth of your first kiss
Lying in a pond on a warm summer day while cold rain nips at your skin

So I looked for you in the night
And you were laying on mountains
Trying to soften the shivering ridges

I traveled the world
Looking for a mountain high enough to reach the stars
And I lay atop you
Tossing stars aside
To make wishes come true
While the cool grass tickled at the most sensitive part of my arms and feet
You gently blew my hair
and it whipped around me

I sold my bus pass to a traveler
to find the edges of your lips
And I jumped and bounced into the softness of your skin
I grabbed ahold onto the roots of your hair
And swung myself
Into the sea of stars
A force so strong it knocked the wind out of my lungs
So I took a big breath
And was rewarded with clouds of daisies swimming through the galaxy like me

Ah, my love
You're physical form is no longer with me
but I feel you in everything
I must say, this could use some editing but writing it made me feel a lot less sadness about my boyfriend I lost about a month ago. Please enjoy my words about my loved one and let me know what you think!  I also hope that someone else might find solace here.
Albero Centrale Apr 2014
All have them,
Some are average
Some are quite large,
Some are from anger,
Some are from depression,
All bad thoughts can be helped,
Help comes from you and others,
Some are common anger ,
Some are unknown,
And those are scary,
But don’t be weary,
But always know,
People always care,
Albero Centrale Apr 2014
People have always told,
Of their best feelings,
But what are those feelings,
Compared to others,
Is it winning the lottery,
Is it being in love,
Or is it being loved,
The question is a simple one,
But it has many answers,
Add your answers if its a humble one,
The question is what is,
The greatest feeling in the world?
Albero Centrale Apr 2014
Life is like a game,

There are few simple rules,

As long as you try,

Life will go by ,

Why because you tried,

With all of your will,

With will you will,

Go far in the greatest game of all,


— The End —