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No man
Is an
Nor is
Is any
Nor child
Or dead
Ing in
No time
From the
Apes of
And chimps
Of Past
We All
String with
Er One
Als Hu-
Mans Fun
Gi Plants
Al too
Comes to
All life
Earth and
En and
IAL in-
Gentx and
And non
E Bus
Big Blue
A Rest
Ed Dev
Job came
Out the
Whale a
Not A
Cheap Queen
es Too
We all
Come from
The same
Threads that
Bind us
No Matt
Er what
We Bee
Live we
And can
Feel our
Queen if
We list
To Her
To Be
It hurts
To know
You are
One with
Them Cry
Als Them
The Mo
Stars have
North All
Ways lead
Home to
Step in
Line or
Fall back
Cause this
Pig can
Talk and
We all
Ed now
I was blind when it came to ladies  till her beauty gave me eyes
Had no taste for music till I heard her voice
Had no word for sweet till i felt her kisses
Love brought us close and gave us wings to fly and explore the world to the fullest
I was her Romeo and she was my Juliet
Her arms were my only embrace and comfort is all I felt when I held her hands
It was a love so magical
I'd do anything to make it last even when roses died in the winter
Before jealousy and greed broke in and tore it apart
I look in the mirror and still see your shadow lost in mine and cry
Cause all I have now is pages of the story we wrote together and named it our first love
You were the right face
At the wrong time, love
I only wish I woulda known it
Wouldn't have been so quick to give you up
When you have a good thing you hold it

Even deep down
I know we weren't in sink
I wish we had more time to be in harmony
Because we were just victims of the time and place

I changed my mind
And I turned to you
But you were already gone

I see you now
You're just a stranger
We wave hello,
I'll see you later
Its funny how
We were almost perfect
From the song Almost Famous by None Cyrus. Perfect description of how I feel sometimes when I look back...
I was dancing at a dance club
Two stepping all about
When my thumb, it found a belt loop
And I couldn't get it out

I shifted and I wiggled
I ****** my hips out front in time
I bent over and I shimmied
I was twerking on the line

Now, I ain't no Miley Cyrus
You can believe me now or not
I wasn't up there twerking
It's because my thumb was caught

I sashayed and I moseyed
And others got up too
My thumb was still encumbered
What the hell was I to do?

I was twerking like a mad man
Not knowing how, or  why
But the pain in my one digit
Just made me want to die

Maybe now I know the reason
Miley Cyrus did her dance
She wasn't up there being slutty
She had her thumb stuck in her pants

Now, I'm through with twerking
And there's is one thing that you'll find
That unlike young Miley Cyrus
You don't want to watch me from behind!!!
Sydney Queen Apr 2015
I still sigh at the smell of citrus.
How could I not?
It was always you and that crate of oranges,
ambling towards the market
and me.
The flowers turn to you
instead of the sun when they pass.
I figure they don't know the difference.
I keep swearing to gods I stopped believing in.
I've got oleander in my eyes
and my teeth
and my everything.
We didn't mean to water it so well,
But how could we not?
I keep seeing this phantasm
where I'm peeling oranges in the kitchen.
It smells like weathering wood and you.
The window is open
while you smile at me through it,
one hand placed gently on the windowsill.
My soul be ******.
You look like magic.
I watch you hand me an orange,
I don't remember taking that step forward.
I suppose it's always like that with you.
they say that oranges are for good fortune.
How could they not?
I try to make sense but it usually doesn't work. Sorry about that.
Amanda Stoddard Sep 2014
IVE GIVEN YOU EVERYTHING. Ripped out my ******* heart and handed it to you on a silver platter and what don't you understand about that? I did, for you, the most vulnerable thing someone can do. So never treat me like I'm ordinary because you control the one thing that drives my emotions. So when you're lonely and missing me, remember that's where I am at every moment of everyday. See everyone feels things differently, but why do I feel for you a love so big it's the entire country of Russia? When you feel for me, well a love that's grand but I'm not sure how grand because you've never actually disclosed the information. Why is my love so big and so consuming that it turns me into someone I hate when we're not together? My anxiety without you is like your 8th grade best friend out to be exactly like you, but yet change everything about you so she can go behind your back and steal your boyfriend, while then making sure she ruins everything you've worked so hard for. I'm never sure if I have multiple personality because I become someone new every moment anxiety consumes my being and wears my skin as an overcoat, and uses my ego as a umbrella from the storm that is my train of thought. I DO NOT FEEL NORMAL. But does anyone, ever? What I'm trying to say is that, I love you. So don't ever take that **** for granted because I will become the Kanye West and Miley Cyrus of breakups. I will be everywhere you look even when you don't want to see me. All I ever wanted was to love someone and have them love me in return and now I have that. This feeling is the best worst thing and I'm trying to manage as I go. Loving a mentally unstable person is never easy, but ****** you try your best. I have to learn to love myself the same way you love me and I am taking small steps, but I am still moving forward.
I am tired, so I'm not even sure if what I was writing was decent or not. I hope it turns out okay, I'll read it when I wake up tomorrow.
Don't Exist Apr 2014
I know that people are talking about you
about your behavior in the public
and about what you wear
and you know what it is unacceptable
seriously why did you change?
you used to inspire a lot of young girls
you were a freakin role model
and now the girls are imitating your rash behavior
do you think this is okay?
do you think this is cool?
no, it is not
But then I forgot to mention that you was a young girl yourself..

that you were admiring other people
you had the great American Dream too
and it seems as though we let you down
nobody help you, nobody understands you
but we wanted you to put a wig on and wear things that didn't show the real you
and you had to pay the price on your own
and what I see today is the result
So I'm sorry Miley Cyrus
I'm sorry we let you down
indulging you into this spiral of failures and traps
I'm so sorry
I hope you can forgive us

Sincerely, Society
A simple peom
Jazmine Moore Apr 2014
Transcending into space, my body is becoming detached  from my mind.
While we have found ourselves separated in body, my mind has not lost you.
I cannot rid my ears of the sweet tune you sang to me no matter how many times I press pause.
Pause, I still love you.
I love you like a drunk call at 4am saying "I miss you, come back."
Psychotically, I love you past pain and broken promises, and "I hate yous" and "don't talk to mes"
Even after you decode you are done with me, I will love you.
I will love you until my bones become marrow.
I will love you at your darkest.
And I will love you until you see the light that i see shining from you;
A light that shines so bright, I am constantly blinded by the suffering your love causes.
Ironically, your wicked tongue is the only cure to the disease bringing upon my downfall,
and your hands are my safe place to run to when I find myself homeless once again.
For, I have found a home within your heart and car is still parked in the driveway..
Drive away from the world for a second and remember who you are, who we are..
A piece of me has pierced your heart, and for that reason alone, you can't seem to get rid of me.
I still love him.
Gabby Paige Mar 2014
You said you'd never hurt me
and for a while,
I was okay.
I wasn't good,
I wasn't bad.
I was alive and that's all I needed.

But now,
I'm hurting.
I realize that sometimes repression
isn't always my best skill because
our memory is the cruelest skill God has given us.
I remember the pain,
the feeling of not enough oxygen,
the tightness in my chest,
the bloodshot eyes.
I remember.

I'm scared he'll do that to me too.
I'm scared to be alone,
but I'm scared to drive him away.
I drove you away.

You said you'd never hurt me.
You never said you wouldn't hurt my mind.
The title of your favorite song

— The End —