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SassyJ Jan 2017
The pebbles of your core
shine in ruminated scores
like a sorcerer spiking more
unlisting storms and ores

Smile dear rock, from a mile
touch the source of love ice
melt those gorgeous pure eyes
to the specks of the shiny shores

The rocky waves smell of testicles
Vestibules and alleyways of fertility
sung by Cronus as he holds a knife
eager to mutilate from a skyview

The sandy waters sink in Gaia hymns
as the scythe shed the slices of foams
where scattered sperms stays awash
to wish swimmers an eternal beauty

Ohh sacred gods on the aphrodite hills
Spread love unseen, unknown,unheard
stain the precedent of the flowing wind
give me the hint, a seat on the sainted scent
Blue sky collides
With the blue sea
Sun beating down
On the crashing waves

Footprints in the sand
Left by all the lovers
Hand in hand they walked
Sea lapping at their feet

Children building castles
Rocks hear their laughter
For today is so beautiful
Being here at Coral Bay
Copyright © Chris Smith 2014

— The End —