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Duet, Minor Key
by Michael R. Burch

Without the drama of cymbals
or the fanfare and snares of drums,
I present my case
stripped of its fine veneer:
Behold, thy instrument.

Play, for the night is long.

Keywords/Tags: Duet, minor, key, cymbals, symbols, drums, fanfare, snares, instrument, play, ***, night, long, strip, ****, naked
blake Mar 2018
I would write you a poem
     about the stars and the moon
I would write you a poem
     about me dying soon.
I would write you a poem
     about my love everlasting
I would write you a poem
     about cymbals crashing.
I would write you a poem
     about how I want you so
but I can't write you a poem
     when you don't let me grow.
Douglas Beights Nov 2014
I haven't any light, I mean it,
and I don't have a reason to help the nuns,
although the homeless mean so much to me,
I spit in their change-cups, and cringe at the smell of them.
The worst part really was the bats, though,
because I could hear them rustle into the night,
*****, grimy wings,
I didn't ever see them.
I never will.
This is all a part of the electricity.
Without a blanket, you jumped into the world,
very, very, very sorry,
but even moreso am I very blonde and reasonably proud of you.

— The End —