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Chiron Jul 9
Let me take you
Somewhere dark
Somewhere forbidden
Where the light
Fights through cracks
In walls
As black
As pitch
Take my hand
As i open
My lips
And release the venom
You so desperately need
Feel the empty stares
As we descend
Empty stairs
Void of
Void of
Smell the stench
And clench
Your grip
In my fist
Can you feel
The air down here?
Its stale
And bitter
And all the things you
Yet wont dare say
This is only the beginning
Of the terror
That your heart
Begs to be shown
Follow me
E over c2 May 12
curiosity doesn't **** the cat
not in my case.
curiosity itself kills me
looking into the box
and seeing a cat
that ; is what helps me survive
whether its dead or alive

— The End —