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Brandon Conway Jun 2018
Two hours with pay
To roam around town
Anything, to get away
This cube paints my frown

I used to do it just to get away
But now I am not so sure
Now I take,
                No I mean volunteer,
                                        My day
The one moment I can savour

Never thought pleasure would come
By giving a helping hand
Never thought a smile would be from
Helping those that life has left astrand

I travel the town for miles
Deliver the weekly meals
Return to work with a genuine smile
A frown, upside down, now heals

Well at least for a little while.
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
The snooze button
My morning companion
Why wake early
When you can delay ennui
For just a moment longer
Ten minute dreams
That seem to last
A lifetime until
It's too late

Hurry to work
The chair you hate
Hurry to work
The screen that stares
Hurry to work
Where no one cares
Hurry to work
The sooner to despair

Surrounded by walls that blind
The morning star
Surrounded by people who
Worship cupidity
Maybe I do too
That's why I am here

— The End —