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Silverflame Jul 2016
Like ice cubes in a tray,
we were stored away.
Frozen and divided,
yet strong when united.

We cannot break free,
from the darkness they don’t see.
They are controlled by a malicious sickness,
which turns them into creatures bred by darkness.

Now we play a game,
for our freedom to reclaim.
They think they have plenty of time,
to cover up their secret crime.

We look them in the eyes,
with coldness and despise.
Messing with us they will soon regret,
when we torture them through the alphabet.
I am not too sure why I wrote this.
I like to chew ice cubes.
My brother thinks it's because I'm an anemic.
Not really sure what that means.
But maybe I am sick.
Because the reason I like to chew ice cubes,
Is because it makes me feel numb again.
Idk. I should be sleeping but I'm too anxious.

— The End —