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Blossom Jan 2017
Crayon wax woman
Dripping blue irises fall
On peach circle cheeks
La Chrymal Nov 2015
crayola used to colour up my days that were grey
      but i guess now just isn't the same
apricot, scarlet,  & wisteria were on the way,
      now just a shade makes me feels sane
reckoned by its hue, a dandelion's petal
assumes that it must be you
lightly placing this box down at 0:22,
      truly, you are my midnight blue
Nickols Jun 2014
In a world full of black and white.

Where not a soul could be bothered within their mundane ways.

There was a single girl, shining in full blasted, techno-color.

In this world of dark hues of haunting shades.
Vacant entity's, refuse to look up from scurrying feet.

Day in and out, they mooed like cattle.

But not the vibrant Crayola girl.  

For all she had to do was look up,
and she could see her rainbow arching in the clouds.

While everyone else, passed her by.
I had to edit this. Sorry. I posted it really early in the morning. *face-palm*

— The End —