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God I am

Maybe it's
Cause I'm a 30-year
Old ******

Or maybe its just
Because I
On hot sunny days
Sugary sour yellow
Satiating my
And throat

Filling my emptiness

I feel better
Like magic

Well until
Cecil Miller Mar 2018
A cry for battle
Issues forth from your wicked mouth,
And finds a way to my ear.
I accept the challenge.
I will break your heart.

When darkness you need,
I will cast a light
Upon your duplicity
And broadcast your faithlessness
Into the dark of a stormy night.

The snow globe will shatter,
The one you keep on the end of a ceptor as you prim over golden walls laden with your uselessness.

Sidelong glances await you,
And shouts from the street,
Though not the one you want.

Anger will crack your face. Nobody will care.
Solidity has melted away from all the heat;
and you’ll retreat
Down into a hole to hide
With all the crawlers,
But even they will not abide
Because of your lies.
They won't sympathize
With your short eyes.
Wrote a poem about it, like to read it, hear it go.
WGelles Jul 2017
Trump's covfefe
caused a kerfuffle.
The people's voice
cannot be muffled.
A real brouhaha...
The Emperor's absurd
and yet we hang
on every word
and he has every right
to coin a new word
to have his fits of logorrhea
to incinerate North Korea
to mock the handicapped, women, and blacks
to free the super-wealthy from tax
to trash the planet
rob the poor
make the rich richer
and do much more....

"President Trump"
is an oxymoron.
Donald the Chump
is a *****.

Ooops, *****-Grabber's term has expired.
It's time to tell Trump:
"You're fired."
Dacia B Jun 2017
Lost for words, don't know what to say?
Let's make one up, call it Covfefe
Syrian refugees, lost their home and have no place to stay?
I will send them to Covfefe
Too many Mexicans get into the country with a secret way.
I will stop them with Covfefe
These people want 'equal rights' the women trans and ***,
They won't get them after Covfefe
Climate change causes so much stress and dismay.
I will deny that it exists, Covfefe!!
**** women with their 'equal pay'
I say grab them, grab them by the Covfefe.
Lainey Jun 2017
Can someone please tell me
On which plane we now reside?
Valuing the cheap laughs that the
Freakish Trump provides?
Existential crisis doesn't seem
Far off to me, when war and strife
Escapes our eye, in our frivolity.
Although not immune to the humour in Trumps tweets, one shakes the head a little too often these days when so many serious and grave things are happening globally.

— The End —