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annh Jun 2019
weepingly bitter
counts to ten
then cries some more
‘To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold.’
- Aristotle
Masha Yurkevich May 2019

I've learned to rise;
to get up when I fall.

Because it's every fail that makes it count,
and in the end it is all.

It might not really make sense, but I feel much better after writing this.
Still, I hope you enjoy.
No body Oct 2018
The golden boy
Who is the star
Who is good at everything
Who the coach relay on
If you get hurt the coach gets angery
Every girl wants you
But not this one
Why? you may ask
It is because you are the star
And i'm not
You have a huge group of friends
And I don't
Why should that matter?
Because your the golden boy
Everyone looks up to you
If you fail a test
Coach gets mad
If you get in a fight
Coach gets angery
He counts on you
Just like everyone else here
But I don't because there is more in you then just being the "golden boy"
The golden boy
Natasha Martis Mar 2018
The clock is ticking,
The tension is building,
The crowd of competitors is thinning,
The air is filled with the chills of cutthroat rivalry.
At this point coursing through my veins is adrenaline giving me the courage and telling me," I CAN DO IT. "
But how can I ignore the darkness within me,
a voice whisper " What if .....?"
"What if you fail?" " What if you forget? " "What if you make a fool out of yourself? "
I'm lost.
Forced to my feet by a distant call I rise. I find myself on center stage facing a multitude of stares. The crowds have now begun to resemble a hungry pack of wolves tearing into the fragile fabric of my being. Like a fledgling's first flight I take a leap of faith and I begin to speak. The words begin to flow out of me as the dam of my inhibitions shatters. The stares that once threatened to engulf me are now filled with wonder and awe as my aura captivates the crowd. The shackles of stage fright that held me back have now given way as I emerge from myself a new being devoid of the shroud of fear and adorned by a glistening veil of confidence and control.
I felt lighter than before. I now stood with my head held high, a master of my shortcoming, a master of my fear. That's when it dawned on me Does winning matter anymore? Will that piece of metal change the person that I have become? and that's when I realized.
It is not winning or losing that matters but participation. It is the thrill of a challenge, the fear of failure, and the joy praise that makes you who you are.
And that is when I asked myself....
Is The Medal All I'm Worth?
aniket nikhade Jul 2015
Again and again
All over again
The same thing gets repeated again.

Agreed upon the fact that a mistakes have happened
As of now, not only in the past, but also in the present
Often it happens that when something is going on in the mind, one finds something similar to it in front of him, just before his own eyes
Possibly an intution or just a coincidence
Well, the same is true with regards to a mistake

A mistake is a mistake that tends to remain a mistake unless and until an effort is not made to learn from the mistake.
Always make sure that the same mistake is not repeated again.

It is always easy to make any mistake,
Making a careless mistake itself takes the least amount of efforts
Equally important is to make sure that the mistake that has been made is understood at the first instance itself.
The required lessons are learnt from the mistake that has been made
Correcting the mistake is definitely important,
Equally important is to keep in mind the fact that the same kind of mistake is not repeated again.

Before getting ready for executing a task look at yourself
In the mirror, look at yourself and while doing so you will come across a series of different thoughts.
Also you will find so many questions that are going on in your mind
Never mind to the doubts that have been raised over and over again
A bit of anxiety proves to be good and helpful before the start of any particular task.

What happens afterwards
What follows later is not as important as important is the fact that you know what you are going to do while executing a task.

Be yourself
Be what you are
Give your best in whatever you do
Always be positive in your mind, think positively.

No matter what happens in life, never think of giving up on anything in life
since failure is the first step to success

A mistake or two can happen, but then that must not dampen the spirit of moving ahead and getting things done
Experience counts
Experience matters
Over a period of time experience is gained
Step by step learn from each mistake
Experience will get enriched over a period of time.

Experience can never be gauged on the basis of one failure
More in particular,
The time when it comes to decide upon the future course of action
Many things are decided on the basis of prior experience then
So better not gauge the level of experience on the basis of one bad experience
On the basis of one failure.

When a mistake happens
Whether it's small or big
Nature of mistake all of a sudden does not become the criteria,
However it's important,
Never shy away from the fact that you have made a mistake
Accept your mistake
Also keep in mind
Many more number of ways will always be there to avoid the same kind of mistake.
Primarily because attitude matters a lot when it comes to winning or losing.

So always be sure that like the rest of the other individuals even you are not perfect
You can and you are bound to make a mistake, but then be firm that you learn from the same

After all winning and losing has remained a part of the game since ages.
Sarah Helen Jun 2015
Its morning the sun is coming up tick-tock time for me to wake up.
Father time doesn’t wait for no one he’s always on the move.
Tick-tock every second, minute, and hour counts; time waits for no one to catch up.
So, much pressure to figure things out, I’d wish time wasn’t so precious.
Help me then Father Time to forget.
Forget the scars of my life because, with time my scars haunt me inside instead.
But, Father Time magic doesn't work like that.
All he can do is give you is time to heal your pain, and figure things out.
Now I have a chose what to do with my time that counts.
You were
I was
Now I'm the
JM Romig Apr 2014
long walk through a park
an abandoned swing set sits
waiting just for you

broken radio
NaPo 17/18

— The End —