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I sent you a message last morning,
still waiting on your usual reply...
But I'm strucked with the dreaded news,
your confidant...your friend, SHE DIED.
Ofcourse someone must have lied
because you told me you'd be OK...

So, how is it even possible?
How can this news be real?
Left in utter shock...
I'm fighting to breathe again,
but my airway just seems blocked.
Breathing has never felt this difficult.

I keep hearing it will be ok...
But OK would only be believable if you were allowed to stay
And you weren't...
Evil triumphs now in such an unjust way
What have you ever done to anyone but be Sacrificial, Understanding, Sincere, Absolving and Nonjudgemental
Yet, that never seemed enough- DID IT!
We all stood and watch you take the fall.
And Evil was only too happy, he took it all...

Now, here I sit...waiting for my heart to beat its normal pace
But that seems almost impossible FOR...
Yours has stopped beating
And I've lost the comfort of your smiling face
Your warm and affectionate embrace
Your encouraging words despite your fears
Your caring hands to dry my tears

I'm still waiting to hear your child-like voice
"ah girl!" "Hanging in there."
Still waiting to see you typing...
"Gm dearie🤗..."
"God is all we need in this world"
"No matter how things seem, God is in control"
I'm still awaiting on our next church date
I know I'll see you in eternity, but until then...

I'm still here... I'm still waiting to BREATHE...

                 For Susan who left me BREATHLESS
I wrote this poem after learning that my friend had died. I was just in complete disbelief at the time, think I still am by the way. I didnt feel like talking to anyone at the time, so I allowed my pen to do the talking. It could be about thirty (30) minutes to ink the words. Over all, this poem means a lot to me...

— The End —