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I vote we change Content Warning
To Contact Warning.
Please keep your words off my emotions
And your knives out of my heart.
SuperCunt Jun 2019
Stick your fingers in my mouth.
Stick your fingers in my mouth.
Like I do.
Stick your hand down my throat,
I’ll show you how.
To reach down my esophagus and rip the life out of me.
Like I do.
Just like that.

See? It’s not so hard.
Now do it again. And again and again and again and again.
Lost Sep 2018
I miss you
Over 100mg a day
You made
my heart race

I miss you
The way you
Made me scratch
at my skin
and my scalp
Until there was blood
Under my fingernails

I miss you
Dropping 35lbs with you
Made me feel
So pretty
That I stopped eating
For days
And started purging
The food from my empty
Shrunken stomach
In public restrooms
With plastic spoons

I miss you
I didn’t sleep alone
When I had you
You sat on my chest
And wrapped my hands
Into white-knuckled
Clenched fists
You held me tighter
With each shallow
Painful breath

I miss you
My now steadied limbs
Don’t feel complete
In the absence of
Your gentle rattle
I want you to make
My bones dance again

I miss you
Joints shuddering
In aching pain
From you
Winding them up
So tight
I wish you could
Be here again
To contract
Every muscle
In my starved
Depleted body

I miss you
We would sit
On the bathroom
Counter together
And scrutinize
My yellowed skin
Picking and prodding
At every imperfection
For hours
Leaving scabs
And scales
Littering my
New thin face

I miss you
I remember fondly
The time we spent
Together laying
Face-down on
My kitchen floor
The tingly buzz
You filled me with
Every time I fainted
Pleasantly twinkling
Across my body

I miss you
At 4am
The time we
Used to stay
Up until
Every night
Staring at a wall
In my dimly lit room
Hours passing
Without me
Even noticing

I miss you
I know you hurt me
But I want you back
Every day
I miss how you made
Every moment hurt
And now I spend
All my time
Craving that pain

I miss you
I want you
To wreak havoc
All over again
Through my
Willing body
Swallowing doses
Of prescribed self harm
Each morning
I’m so horribly
Painless without you
CONTENT WARNING: Descriptions of disordered eating and bulimia
CallMeB Aug 2018
Your nails were like razor blades cutting against my skin.
I asked begged you to stop but
you wouldn’t.

When I look
in the mirror all I see
is your handprints; all I feel is disgust.

I don’t know who I am anymore. I’m a skeleton
of the person I used to be.
You didn’t care.

You just kept looking at me with that same malicious smile.
You tainted my skin
all with the touch of your hands.
Your mouth.

I was always told
my body was a temple, and I protected it as such,
but you forced your way in and I was helpless.

You looked right through me as
you held me down and had your way with me.
It’s still hard for me to say those words, what you did to me —
you defiled me in such a horrendous way

I thought there was no coming back —
i still think that.
Luna Lund Dec 2017
I didn’t expect this,
But I guess no one does.
No one expects it to be someone you trust.
In your own home,
In your own bed,
After saying no multiple times,
Screaming in your head.
It isn’t been easy to face,
Or talk to anyone.
When you aren’t a woman and they weren’t a man,
When you just feel like a statistic but even that doesn’t seem to match.
Both part of a community you thought you could trust.
In a time when they call this a witch hunt
Why does it feel like I’m still the one being hunted?
Why can I still feel their hands on my waist,
And have the taste on my tongue as I said get away.
It wasn’t enough.
I guess I needed to push or shove,
But instead I froze.
And now I am to blame?
Being told to report or be shamed,
Guilty for the next one,
For letting them walk,
When the fact is I know even if I did talk
Nothing could or would really be done.
And I know we aren’t in Salem,
you can’t burn me at the stake,
But why then do I still feel flames
Crawling up my legs?
Trigger Warning/Content Warning: ****** Assault

— The End —