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Nadia Jul 26
The Lemon Sister By Jill Shalvis

The Lemon sisters used the be close
They shared everything
But people grow up and grow apart
And lives quickly unstring

An accident left Brooke damaged
With more than visible scars
She left everyone she loved behind
To hide in the city of stars

Mindy, the control freak, is burnt out
But really, can you blame her?
She’s got the - three kids, a shop
And husband who’s a doc - disclaimer

Mindy and Brooke need each other
To face challenges holding them back
Add in second chances at romances
Laughter, healing and a clown attack

This book is an amusing ride
Through living with ghosts of the past
And mending complicated relationships
To find happiness that can last
it's more fun to review books with a poem. If you're into romance, this one is a sure bet.
Nadia May 27
The Bride Test by Helen Hoang

If tomorrow is a big day with many things to do, here is your warning:
Read this book before bed and you’ll be reading it well into the morning

Esme, or My, is kind and clever, endlessly loyal and terrible at deceit
Khai is a complicated genius, steadfast and achingly, unknowingly sweet

Esme is determined to find a better life for the family she temporarily left behind
Khai is earning future freedom from set ups his mom can’t help but mastermind

A few scenes might make you blush - brilliant and perfect for this story
Bring lots of tissues, no reading on transit - this book is an absolute glory
I never remember to review books before all of the details are long forgotten (sadly it does not take long) so I'm making an effort. Bonus, it's more fun to review with a poem

— The End —