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Ella Nov 2021
The system savagely supresses,
conspires against, controls,
feeds temptations and lies;
A physical chokehold attempting
to propagandise and
halt your higher vibration.

Connect and sea the waves of mysteries,
you’re following a system so wicked and deluded they’d rather see dead
bodies wash ashore,
than save dying children
from pover-tea
This is a battle field;

No mans land

A lunch time conversation

We don’t know truth
until we seek it;
don’t know corruption
until we open our eyes.

This is a system
built to fail
built to stimulate wars,
I don’t know about
you but this
is not my lunch time conversation.
Insta- ellaslittlepage
Aaron LaLux Jul 2016
Stressed out,
I confess ‘bout,
nothing no fronting,
trusting what the love brings,

awake again,
late late night,
so late it’s early,
code so easy it’s one,
alive when we jive and shine on,
as a magnetic matrix electric sun,
allows all of the dark lies to be come undone,
under the magnetic matrix’s electric sun,
the Darkwebs cobwebs become unspun…

Volume 1
The H Trilogy
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