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Natalie 2d
what is it like
to have someone show up for you
to not fight every battle alone
to have someone support
even your smallest endeavor
to share in your accomplishments
to cheer you on and encourage you
and to just be proud of you
pat v Aug 2020
have you taken to the stars, oh darling
vulnerable and heart in tow
or is it you who the stars take to
to tell folks which way they must go?
Mahogany Ree Mar 2020
He is heaven . .
. . . I've already sold my soul
he doesn't have a clue
and I'll never tell him

what we share
is a like a fight and a fairytale
juxtaposed into this reality

he's the man for me
. . . he don't even know
and I'll be dammed if I tell him

I love him
plain and simple

I feel him
clawing through my flesh
like a lion on fresh ****

he completes me
. . . no other man can or ever, will
Her Dec 2019
you think i am
a woman who
is okay
with being left
in the dark

my my
are you

you think you can
hurt me
only i can
hurt me

    now stay the **** away
Denise Uy Sep 2018
While I swam in insecurity,
you took me to land.
You were the fox that
swiped me from misery's hand.
While my shoes were too tight,
you offered yours that fit.
You held the rope that
pulled me from the filthy pit.
While I swaggered carelessly,
you taught me to walk.
You lit up the air
when you dreamily talked.
While I sat dazed on the bed,
you helped me stand up.
You elected a friend
whose soul was corrupt.
I tucked away your glasses
so you couldn't see me -
The disproportion and defects
of my mind and body -
But you weren't blind
and you didn't flinch at me,
So I'd do the same for you
and accept everything you'll be.
To the one who helped me learn to live again <3

— The End —