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Brandon May 2019
An iridescent collection of condensation forms
the warmth that once was, fades with fluidity
weightless blades begin to dance passionately
rumbling collides with the earth below
supple gems fall in tempo, bursting with brisk nectar
clarity blooms as filth washes away
leaving beauty to reign.
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
An open door
Closed windows
Looking into the depths of my soul
Can I really see anything
Or am I blamed for something I did not do
Can you catch a glimpse of what is truly in my heart
In my soul I am kind and free
Please take what you can from this and live
Waves come crashing down to destroy where we stood
Can you ever forgive for something I did not do
How and what you expect from me is not always up to you
If only there was no barrier in communication
From heat I drip condensation
All those sensations you have our nice and all
Passion comes from the truth inside
Not physical sensation that puts you on roller coaster ride
So united we stand divided we fall
You did this
You just say I do it all
Pete Leon Oct 2017
Condensation drawing,
On mirror, one morning,
What I saw, blew mind
Made me turn, look behind

There stood, with a knife
At the throat, of wife
Her screams, all could hear
My heart, burst with fear

With panic, in my chest
Took swing, for the best
caught hard, in the face
Knife dropped, grasp, race

Me first, knife, mess
Him blood, life less
Wife safe, me shocked
Bathroom exit, door locked
CGY Jul 2017
There is no dew
Framed skylines and paved heat
Asleep at dawn
Cassidy Shoop Feb 2015
an unread book,
a pair of broken headphones,
the shirt of someone who is perfect in my eyes.
a bic lighter,
a glass of water,
a succulent that i could never seem to keep alive.

condensation forms on the surface of the table
as the water begs to bring life back to the plant,
but the lonely plant only speaks of the sun
and the way it desires his light.
Poetic T Dec 2014
Two places as one,
Condensation mirrors both,
Heavens upon earth .
Mist on a cloudy day both white which is ground which is air

— The End —