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Francie Lynch Dec 2017
If you're complicit
It's not illicit
To keep your mouth closed.
But, know you this,
When women are dissed
With words like ***** and **,
You're surely committing
Sins of omission,
From your head
Down to your toes.
You left no doubt,
When you didn't speak out,
You're spineless
And missing marrow.
I'm not worthy either to throw a stone.
Yannick Plante Jul 2017
Rushing into love
What is this urge to get comfortable?
Crashing seems so inevitable
We prevent the dove
From ever taking off

Feelings come to fear rising up
As soon as they show up, they are caged inside
It’s never enough, it always needs to be otherwise
Our thoughts often go against our deepest desires

We’re in such a hurry to build something stable
We don’t even take the time to find something suitable
For the both of us

We’re in such a hurry to be completely dependent
We forget how to complete each others sentence
I’d just like to discuss…

With you like a child.

I don’t want to hold my breath trying to be
The love that’s missing in our lives
My heart says it wants to go slowly.
The dove only meets with the skies
When the wind blows smoothly
Fernanda Savaris Dec 2015
criou o caso
que nós criamos

Sintonia, simpatia
A mão leve e o riso frouxo
Dos que vem
Dos que vão
Dos que vivem

Vivemos bem
Apesar de outros alguéns
E do imaginário que nos retém

A cumplicidade sutil
Dos olhos que sabem
Que não se verão mais
Que sabem dos momentos de paz
E da vida quando está à mil

O carinho na base
Dos sentimentos puros
Na positividade
Do desconhecido, do não vivido
E ainda assim natural
Na pureza, na conexão
Daquilo que não cria o mal
E que aprendeu a entender
Como se comporta um igual.
Denel Kessler Nov 2015
A shock of venom
oh, succulent hate
like honey to the most avid tongue.

We could turn away
carve a shallow life from the thin bone of oblivion
construct intricate vortices in which to endlessly swirl.

We could withdraw
terminal distrust gradually withering our lives
it would not still the voices screaming.

I seek the source of my own complicity
backtrack to the point at which I swung
from disillusioned to disengaged

my apathy mistaken for acceptance.

— The End —