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John McCafferty Nov 2020
Anxiety and excitement are one of the same
Research for an answer to analyse traits
For the loss of another can be someone's gain
A vicious cycle with which to attain
Stressed from such pressures
Soften your edges to lighten your weight
All in a state but we all hesitate
Widen perspective and encompass ourselves
When life skills aren't taught
Are we really at fault or who is to blame
Personal perception distinguishes choice
Critical thought strengthens one's voice
A softer approach is often dismayed
Where are your heroes when you reach of an age
Admiration compels to find your own way
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Heavy Hearted May 2020
The toll of Angers tide -
Compels us on, and forward

Satisfaction, it never comes!
the only direction left to go,
We stumble.
We're pushed.

The toll of Angers tide -
Compels us on,
Pushing us further, pushing us forward...

the tolling of angers tide-
the unrelenting force.
Emptiness is the heaviest burden.
Longing is the toughest companion.

Indifference is a disaster.
Misunderstanding leaves the deepest scar.

Time doesn't heal.
Every opportunity compels you to feel.
Moving on are just words.
Without a proper end, you never truly depart.

Weakness becomes your mate.
Tears become your favourite nightmare.
Starts the search of a soul to lean on.
But compatibility isn't sth you just chance upon.
Who am I?
Why do I feel this hurt
When I've been there
Where heaven only knows
What compels me, return.
How do I feel this hurt
When I purposefully
Buried it under the hole
From which it sprung
I don't want to let low
My other half
Please come back to me
Please make me safe again
My heart is not a black ocean but rough and full of red.

— The End —