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colette alexia Jan 2020
Don't feel responsible to do everything
Feel compelled to do something
Solitude Man Jun 2018
I shouldn’t have  
I guess I forcefully moved my things into your heart on parham street
This fool has been celebrating a grubby clean slate
He drank a cocktail before the harvest
After storing his brain safely in the garbage
He asked ‘would you be mine’

I shouldn’t have said I love you first
Now realising that was the pistol to your head
And i jumped the gun twice and over again
This fool stands in awe of his folly
He reads his scribbles of idyllic love poems and ******* dovy quotidians
Every compelled ‘i love you’ will be overturned
My hands over-burned from the blisters
Bitter from the bile from every memory
Though i took my time, I was patiently stupid

I shouldn’t have
Now i’m sat here with this lollipop of regret
Now knowing that every graphic snapshot was because of that same pistol
No wonder why it all seemed strange
I used to gnaw about making you feel like you needed to trust me and love me
I was yet weary of receiving the blame of every kiss, pause and touch
I didn’t realise that the foundation was built on compelled labour
I was to quick to celebrate, but now i know what i should have
Lady Ravenhill Feb 2017
Deep red kisses
leave you breathless

Compelled to make
you just like me

Forever young
and coldly deathless

Together in blood
for eternity
©LadyofRavenhill 2/8/17
gravygod Nov 2015
that moment I first saw you
I knew I was in trouble
you were too handsome
far too smart and too sweet
I knew I was in denial
you said these words to me
that compelled me to fall for you
lies probably
but I listened anyway
knowing this could be fiction
but hoping it was the truth
ever since you left
I have realized that I miss you
ever since you left
I look for you everywhere I go
and ever since you left
you cannot escape my mind
I was told to stop looking
so I did
then you appeared
and I told myself
that I wasn't looking for you
but maybe I was
and maybe you fooled me
into thinking I was special
rare and wonderful
did you mean that at all
now I don't think so
I am stuck on you
and it scares me intensely
all my options seem wrong
I cannot leave you
but I cannot stay
when you held me that first night
I knew I would never let that feeling go
when you stared into my eyes
and asked me
"what are you thinking about?"
I knew I couldn't tell you
because I would look like a fool to say
Jack Thompson Jun 2015
In the waking moons.
I write my best verse.
A closing of wounds.
The most evil of curse.

The words write them selves.
A compulsion of sorts.
The drum of purpose.
This supernatural force.

I hope I've written.
All my pain away.
Inviting new energy.
To bring a new day.

It's love or sadness.
And no in between.
No words of indecision.
Have I got left to glean.

Words of great meaning.
Passion, pain or practice.
Each a worthy path.
what ever the price is.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015

— The End —