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Donald Sep 2018

You took a sit by the river. Your voice was deep in silence while your lips traced an endless flips of words without a sound.

There were words I couldn’t hear. So i wrote you a letter. A friendly letter to ask how magical it was that You Spoke without a voice. You replied and in your humble words, You asked how i could see your lips move without hearing your words.

Our thoughts had been the  connecting wan I guessed. As weird as it was, You had been to this bank because you didn’t have to make a sound to understand the world within. We sat from afar and the revelation of what we knew came through in seamless form. Silence brought the openness and gave you a voice. Silence brought the sincerity and boldness to speak free because the world couldn’t hear your thoughts. The world wouldn’t judge your little conviction.

On that table was the definition of honesty and it played out in stages. It gave meaning to your deepest fears and your little bag of hope. As you said amen to every little pronouncements and mention God in every little sentence it was the clue to  your faith and trust in the greater beyond.

And so I listened.. I listened cause I understood. I listened because silence was speaking more beautifully to me than sound could ever do.. It was the most magical thing id seen in a stranger. It was truth being born in silence.

Brent Kincaid Jun 2015
Act one, scene one;
A date with drama
Has just begun.
Two youngsters
Hale of body
Ready to run.

Act two, scene one;
Excitement does not
Necessarily mean fun.
Too many secrets
Not enough revealed
By either one.

Act three scene one;
Good news can be
Bad news for some.
A lucky break
A chance to take
One could not shun.

Then comes intermission
Perhaps time for confession.
Sometimes no, sometimes yes
But maybe too much to confess.
Perhaps that’s how it goes
Maybe romance owes
Its success to mystery.
One chooses one’s own misery.

Act four scene four;
Being very careful
What you wish for
Seems obvious
When one looks back.
So very patrician.

Act five, scene one;
The denouement begun.
The finale can be dramatic
All cacophonic static
Or the lovers can walk off
Hand in hand in the sun.

— The End —