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Madhurima Nov 2018
She was born in 1980.
When the world hoped that World War won't start tomorrow!
In 1991 though,World was somehow revealed,
Though believed conflict's bow would shoot the war's arrow!

She feared whenever Indo-Pakistan war started,
Pakistan ended up in obvious failure.
She hoped that failure's fire wouldn't be provided revenge's fuel,
Ending up in the peace's failure ....

Mother Nature was exploited day by day
And she knew that humans needed to restore and protect environment.
So did the leaders or that's what she assumed,
Until Uncle Sam pulled out of Paris agreement!

North Korea and the USA played game of diplomatic tension ,
Just to decide whose button was powerful of the most!
Syrians saw their country burning in front of their eyes
And the Holy city of Jerusalem was now conflict and tension's host!

She saw Taliban, ISIS and extremist organizations growing
And she saw how they and even Uncle Sam would suppress humanity!
'Peace, freedom and equality ' were mere lies
Some tried to make them the truth and some openly promoted conflict and inequality !

She heard people around the globe , who weren't murdered for the speech
'This is 21st century, with peace,freedom and equality around the globe we are safe'.
But with the violation of the human rights and the fear of any conflict turning into World War 3
How she could feel safe?

It was like her world wasn't her own!
They owned it,  so they decided when to start war and when to reason it with 'due to violation of the humanity' !
She saw the mask drop,
And that ugly face of war with intention of the Ragnarok behind mask of peace, freedom,  equality and humanity ...

What could she do? Protest?
So that she is harassed and murdered the next day?
Then she realized,  she could do nothing ,
But to hope that World War won't start today!

— The End —