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He thinks I'm worth waiting for
I think he's worth waiting for
Athi Sep 2019
Oru poovithal kozhiyumpole
Oru mudiyizha kozhiyumpole

Kshanikam ee jeevitham

Angakale enu karuthiya
Oru kootukaran
Maadi vilikumpole

Oru vaaku mindathe
Thelum bhayamilathe
Avan than Karam pidichu

Engakale ninakayi
Thirike varumo

Akale oru udhyanam
Ninakayi panithu
Eniyula jeevitham
En koode enothiya
Kunji kootukaranopam
Engotu maanju poyi
Airned Feb 2018
So much
So much time
That I spend coming here
And just reading what you write
I read about the hardships you endure
The anxiety of the future.
The arguments you have with him
The gas lighting you unknowingly suffer
How you miss the friend you hold so dear
That he made you drop
Because that friend openly criticized
What he knew was wrong
How you saw me walk down the street
with someone else
And it made you sad
for reasons I don't know
How you didn't know why I seemed so off when we finally spoke after months
How it felt
Finally seeing how much has changed.
Face to face.
I come here everyday just to see you
Because this is all I have left of new memories with you
A little site in the corner of the internet
And you don't even know
how much time I spend
just coming to see
if you have something new.
To finally hear from you.
So much time.
So much...
"Impossible Winner" - The Dead Weather

— The End —