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I thrive upon it,
And yet, it thrives upon me;
Grey muddle of life.
He despaired of it,
That the only innocence
Lay in the stillborn.
Day was bright and still
But they felt him in shadows;
Feasting upon souls.
Hidden to all eyes,
You searched only to be seen
And to be noticed.
When I first met you
You were always in purple
With the slightest blue.
A sound that gives hope
It's more than you think at first
*Spera de caelum.
I sank deep in grass
Flowers around me swaying
The world was turning.
Sometimes people say
That I have yellow hair—um...
Sorry. It's called *blonde.
The sun was in haze
Smoke or dust shrouded mountains
I felt stranded here.
Fire licked at my soul
Burning a hole in the night
Like a phoenix death.

— The End —