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Alex Salazar Aug 2019
In the night I am joined.
A drink summons a row of faces,
unrecognizable they come to me as penumbras.
A swirl of half crescent grins and grimaces cry out in pain.
I am ****** into a hole of submission,
here are all the allegorical creations living inside of me.
These things stand tall, bare and judging.
Laughing and watching as I fall into a bottomless grip called “inevitability".
Breathing raw, dank ideologies.
Manifesting nasty, stubborn idiosyncrasies.  
I am freed by another drink
And the pleasant reality
that sometimes moving on
means laughter.
Alex Salazar Jul 2017
Yo naci para morder te
Acercate que en la noche hace mucho frío
Mis espinas son mis pies,
Mis pétalos, son mis labios.  
Por aquí aveces pasa la Luna,
Dormida y llena  
Yo Celoso, el viento aveces me lleva torpe.
Con un dolor profundo en mi alma.
me pongo a llorar y sonreir
Al fin llega la amanecer
Al fin puedo dormir
I wrote this on a dare
Alex Salazar Jun 2017
Lay it out for all of us to see.
Make amends,  i need you right beside me.
I promise out of fear comes courage.
So come, devoid of any languish moments

Gold is the void
Infinity is a grip,
power is a play,
made for all of us to slip.

Everything fades, nothing will ever sit
so free yourself from any gamut
that'll make your heart quit.
Alex Salazar May 2017
My longest moonlight, pack your things and leave.
All my memories have been shoved into an evanescent dream.
So fly on like a zephyr,
fly on please.

The moxie, the eccentricities,
the lovely retreats.
The embraces, the symphonies,
Take it all,  please.

canvas sky, full of love.
may my body morph into a dove.
i need peace, i need steel.
i need to  rid of all the feels.
Alex Salazar May 2017
Bare shoulder,
Kingdom of giggles.
my love grows nobler,
with each caressing nibble.

Coalescing, subterranean dimensions.
Expressing, my loving ascension.

Lips of affection,
my heart is stuck in a parallelogram of contention.
lost in reverie, no hope left for me.
Alex Salazar Apr 2017
She's always misplacing.
Feeling for new incongrunces
I try to be pragmatic, & feel for her supple fingers.
These are the parameters of an injured human being.
A prosaic heart, A tenuous mind.  
I have fallen into the pit of her idiosyncrasies.
A man on a mission seeking to breathe & expand my spirit into her lungs.
Her nature corrupts my own,
And like a troglodyte,  I disperse my emotions into a prism.
A prism that is now full of turmoil & suspicion.
Oh wonderful, wonderful you..
Alex Salazar Mar 2017
What's inside of you, is also found inside of me.
A child, full of vulnerability.
Never safe, in a jungle full of uncertainty.

Sometimes, a voice is allowed into the fold.
Words Spark Embers
Love leaves Smolders

And in the moonlight two  souls are Adjoined in a single sight.
Alex Salazar Mar 2017
The hurt you sold, the hands you left.  
My body feels cold, my mind's a mess.
I can feel the earth, I can feel the wind
So I know, I'll crawl out from within.
I've had enough of my stomach,
I've had enough of my breath.
I'll sink my feet into the soil and burn on without any regrets.
I'm missing the innocence, i'm missing your fingertips.
But most of all I'm missing your  soft countenance.
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