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Danielle L Cook Aug 2019
he is his own homestead
his heart on a string
he leaves it at home when
he goes out wandering
so he can follow it back
at the end of the day
he says his heart belongs
to me, yet it leads him astray

so he leaves traces behind
and collects as he goes
all the while waiting
is me and he knows
i wont wait forever
at the theshold of his abode
right now hes with me
for how long? unknown
edit; i like this more now, feels more worthy of the attention it first got.
May seem dreary,
But it is
The color of ink,
The river
Of creation
That makes
Lin Cava Aug 2018
Bias and fairness cannot coexist.... There is a presumption that bias is bad and that is a presumption we should accept in nearly every single facet of life. - Trey Gowdy, June 20, 2018

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Klaryssa May 2016
Some people collect shoes
Or thimbles

Some collect sweatshirts from past lovers
Broken hearts
Or postage stamps

Some collect coins
Drug habits
Gray hairs
Or spray paint cans from a long since forgotten youth

Yet others collect inhibitions
And excuses

Some collect “you”
Or “you’s”
Or poetry
Or friendship bracelets
Maybe middle school dance playlists

Others collect stories
Maybe narratives
They keep writing the same one on different people

Some collect complimentary hotel soaps
Some collect cities
Some collect letters

Some people collect jewels
Some people are jewels
That other people collect

I collect buttons
I collect broken cell phone fees
I collect cracked nails and peeling purple polish
I collect frogs
And tadpoles

I collect tastes
I collect kisses
I collect lamp shades so I can feel like a light

I collect memories that remind me of other memories
I collect poetry that isn’t ever finished
I collect poetry that needs stitching
I collect old sewing projects and call it a metaphor
I collect metaphors
And anaphoras
And literary devices

I collect bible verses I wish I understood
I collect inky pens
I collect stares at my left wrist directed at a small tattoo
I collect red pen marks on all my  essays because I use commas, as rhetorical strategies

Some people collect family members
I collected them too

Some people collect fees
I am still paying for you

I collect friendship
I try to give it back

Some people collect famous one liners
Some people collect 15 seconds of fame
Some collect an arsenal of hate

Some people only ever collect time
Sometimes that is enough

Some collect too many cells in one place
Some collect hospital bills
Some collect lemons
And never have tasted lemonade

Others collect wisdom
Others simply don’t

Others collect different countries and flags
That they willingly accept
Others simply won’t

Most people collect rules
Of things they aren’t able to collect

Most people never collect themselves
Most people don’t realize
                        That they could.
Everyone is but the sum of what they have collected: of their collections. Thank you for adding to mine.
Beinghonest Feb 2016
Nothing makes my day,
The way a yellow lightning bolt
On the top right of this page does.
I love it!

-just being honest
Em E Sep 2015
all the things you surround yourself with sit and gather dust
the landscape of your past
shadows, icons, only that.

a room full of objects
but empty of meaning
the ins and outs of your life as if on display
but in fact, no,
they are hidden away.

the energy that once filled these shells is long gone
without this,
their relevance, their spirits moved on.

sometime ago you acquired that book,
that candle,
that objet d’art
and you thought “look at this”
and you thought “this is me”
and you kept it.
And through it, you kept yourself,
and apart.
Ann M Johnson Sep 2015
Collections of what  does these things speak
Carousel horses reminding me of a simpler time
Also reminding us stay in touch with childlike wonder
Horses also run with determination with a pace all their own
  Butterflies to navigate life's changes with dignity and with gracefulness
Angels to remind me that's alright to ask for help and guidance in this journey called life
Poetry helps tie all the collections together and helps me find my own version of wings
I dedicate this poem to All My Hello Poetry Friends, you are great!
Kitts Apr 2015
I have in my possession
A collection of
Fine feathers and beads
Of pretty colors
So wonderful to see
My collection of
Fine feathers and beads
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