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Anand Nov 2014
he was riding a beamer breezer
into the thick foggy Red Mist
along a steep rising road
that seemingly ceased to exist

having relished the taste of elixir
intoxication elevated his state of mind
inebriated with exuberance of life
on stairway to heaven he drove blind

he wanted to ride fast and free
though his mind was strangled
his body refused to be *******
in a life cord entangled

soon he experienced an impact
deafening his senses, the slumber's fang
eyes closed in sombre sleep but he
crossed the great divide across the big bang

he saw many a glittering diamonds
cuboids of tempered glass in shards
glittering with iridescence against the dark
a tarry sky filled with shattered stars

It seemed like a surreal dream
his body felt light like its floating
amidst the heavenly constellation of orion
saw he, the betelgeuse with ruddiness exploding

the mystic dream faded away
awakened to eternal life with closed eyes
rung down the curtain he joined the choir
mother nature singing him a lullaby

— The End —