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Ge Marquez Jan 2019
Two second-hands living in the same Big Ben
counter and clockwise beat together in a similar rhythm on opposing schedules of the day
she breaks her fast at around 8am, syncing with his injestion of supper and she collapses at midnight just as he reboots for the night shift
though they spend most of the ticks and tocks in varying angles
It was agreed upon that they meet on the sixth –
Definitely on the sixth of the week
to reconcile and kindle… caressing those can’t-be-helped blank spaces where fragments should have been
Light House Jun 2017
"One of the most important principles of ship handling is that there be no ambiguity as to who is controlling the movements of the ship. One person gives orders to the ship's engine, rudder, lines, and ground tackle. This person is said to have the 'conn.'"

— J. A. Barber, The Naval Shiphandler's Guide, page 8.


I have a terrifying suspicion that our
entails more than just discovery...  & that our questions
entail more than answers.  I have a terrifying suspicion that answers are only sprinkled upon the tip of ..the iceberg
we currently sail towards.  I have a terrifying suspicion that.. this iceberg demands more ...than understanding, respect, & acceptance.  ..That it demands for, even, more-than-more
to be carried out.  I have a terrifying suspicion.. that it demands entire process.


I have a terrifying suspicion that if we continue to sail towards
this iceberg, we shall sail into -- & through -- it... down its icy vein, down its monstrous neck, to its footing, driving us beyond even that ...through its plinth, that is, through ---- the frozen.solid, ocean floor.

My Captain,

I have a terrifying suspicion that there exist "things" I do not know of.. that there exist "things" I do not ..need
to know of.

I have terrifying suspicions...
My sources, as well as my gut, confirm them;
& Captain...

I do have a wretched, wild
penchant for such curiosity, but...
we do not go this way.  I've already restarted the engine.
..Even though hold the conn, & even though I lack a heart, it is ...I, now, holding the ship's wheel.  Oh, Captain...

It is ...I who truly steers.  It is you... who -- only -- pretends to hold this something we have come to call the conn.  I... am ...the pilot.
So you hold your conn, as well as your titles...  Hold onto
your words, as I.... turn us starboard.

I tell you, Captain Capricorn...
having come from a future, if you will:
This voyage ...this iceberg
does.not.****.us.  This.. is not how we die.

*The wheel then whirled; 'twas spun hard, like a cyclone
going mach 5, racing 'round 'n' 'round ....clockwise.
Edits. Title change.  Or perhaps "Clockwise."
f Feb 2017
As the clock ticks clockwise as usual,
it turns 1:06AM.
A whole bunch of things have yet to be done.
Wouldn't it be great if the first line could go:
"As the clock ticks anti-clockwise as usual,
it turns 1.06PM"?

— The End —