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K Balachandran Apr 2016
Wind,the agent of change,
         you at first was far off and distant,
                    A constant drone of bees, not much!
                       they paid no heed to those rumblings,
                  Your power was counted
                      insignificant,they kept the curtain drawn,
Down, intact, trying to
             keep you out of the house of darkness.they kept.
                    But the suppressed put
                     their ears close to the ground, listened,
Aware of your intent, they
        patiently waited, watching your unhurried advance.

Giving  talkative leaves ample chance
        to speak their heart, first, tickling trees, caressing clouds,
You changed the speed,
          rustling sound soon became persistent.
                 Shouting slogans, hand raised,
                    all the plants and trees expressed their anguish,
Insisted, a change, justice for mother nature,
           stoppage of torture of , animals, birds and bees.

Wind, you act as an unswerving  friend,
                creating awareness , is  your intent.
  and fight the rot , naked profit motive, relentlessly,
                 by now every one knows the injustice,
festering fiercely  in the core.
                               You drive the clouds and spin them about,
                                        rain by and by  gains strength
                                   It pours now in torrents, all untruth
                                      comes out in the open, face the ire,
                             the true power of the protests, eye of the storm.
Wind, you boom, give a clarion call to clean,
          revenge all the injustices, perpetrated til now.
Phoenix Dec 2015
A Monopoly set
A rubber ducky dressed as a hockey player
A childhood in short
A bowling ball
A samurai sword
Those awkward teenage years
A master cylinder for a 1933 truck
A lava lamp
Finding your college dorm
A boxing glove
A waffle iron
Building your family
A bed and mattress
A highchair
Having a baby
A Monopoly set
A rubber ducky dressed as a hockey player
Your child's first years

Why then,
waste all that
and throw it into the Northern California rivers?
Do you want to forget the defining moments?
The ones that made you you?
I wasn't really feeling this one (sorry) The prompt was to choose 7 things from a list of items found in our North California rivers in a river clean up project in 2014

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— The End —