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cat Mar 28
Weep me into an orbit
secure my warmth into it
Elevated, tremble me still
Lifting my legs into the air
And completely releasing the ground
Most comforting coldness
Welcomes me to a void
An inter-clashing of hollow and heart
I see nothing before me
I feel nothing beneath me
Moving only relatively to you
But the air between us bends
My bones feel crisp
When energy evolves into matter
Experiencing, for the first time,
Negative space
Seeing what nothingness lies before me
The acceptance
Ensuring calamity’s deference
I’ll be there
May I be still but I am moving
You see me here
Mightful in collision and clamour
Which rings so silently
That my breathing sounds greater
I long to be there
To dissipate into light
Become a pull in the tide
Warp everything inside
Regenerating my new birth
Fulfilled by the presence of lacuna
i want to be consumed by a black hole
Äŧül Dec 2015
Look at that...
How the garden lost its glamour,
How the elder tree lost its shade,
How the woods lost the clamour,
How the branches lost the birds,
How the dove flew away, never to return.

Look at that...
How the rose bundle lost its scent,
How the mango lost its sweetness,
How the Christmas lost the snow,
How the eggs hatched & birds ascend,
How romance was brewed, and charred.

Look at that...
How all hell had broken loose,
How the paradise now recedes,
How this heart was lonely & grim,
How the yew woods again sprout,
How my heart beats, *Dag-dag! Dag-dag!!
All the sheen would be taken away if not for my strong, golden heart.

My HP Poem #947
©Atul Kaushal
Estherzz21 May 2015
How nostalgic it is.
To walk on thin rope.
That defined my life.
Never looking back.
Only towards front.
Sadly, not a choice.

How nostalgic it is.*
*To undo feelings.
Avoiding hatred.
or better, sadness.
Sighing in despair.
Oh clamour, just shut up.
There are times,when I avoid thinking too much,
because once i think, I'm afraid I won't be returning.

— The End —