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janry Jul 2019
I saw strangers smiled
in the wilderness of streets.
Then I missed myself.
I was just another passerby spectating the smiling lady who vends cigars and candies on the sidewalk; the smiling newspaper guy; the smiling pedestrians; the smiley subtle faces of fellow by-passers. Each smile was just painfully bright.
LeV3e May 2018
I've been getting too busy
Structuring words and doubts
Still counting my money while
Relationships burn out
Like cherries that flicker
Away with the wind and
I'm still not convinced
That this death is the end, but
I'm scared of the clock, look
Checking accounts on lock, been
Spending time on the lot, been
Pushing the good paper,
Hoping my flow doesn't rot
Like this body I'm caged in
Then you're gone like a thot that
You thought you could use when
Your bloods running hot and
Steam floats from the faucet
Wash your hands of the particles
But soaps a slippery ***** when
You forget where you came from.
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
With the red lights in my eyes
And the gray haze in the sky
With the fire red reflecting back
The neon skin distracts me from where I am
And where I should be
In the winter clear, I sit
And I'm sick of it

As the snow falls on cars
On pedestrians and bars
Wrapped in pea-coats and ***
Under the foggy winter sun I slowly stroll
With a woman in my soul
Like a gypsy king and queen
In a lucid fever dream

Up in the offices and desks
With stress in their chests
These people think of home
While their lovers are alone and stuck with screens
Like windows into scenes
They thought money could buy
As they drift and die

Pouring out from the walls
Of worship chapel halls
With hands in their pockets
Stealing trinkets and lockets to give to the men
Who promise the end
But all will be right
If you pay the right price

From the streets of gods
That will one day rot
Under our wandering feet
When we longer speak but are just memories
Passed on like a disease
On death, I've made my peace
Until then, let me be free

— The End —