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C Solace May 2018
The world looks at him, and gets lost in the confusion.
  She looks at him, and she is lost in his world.
Passers by stare at her unknown, unaware for the beauty within
  To him, her beauty lies far beneath her freckles.
Many of us can not even muster the courage to talk to one another
  Let alone, hold a candle to the splendor of true honesty & compassion.

Often replicated but never duplicated
  but duplication is within her.
Labeled for life to be a stigma,
  a supposed taboo.
Earthly born to be ‘weak’,
  but Heaven saw fit to grant her a strong heart & even fiercer spirit.
Undeserving of loyalty, for man deems her ‘broken,’
  Her presence screams throughout time,
“I am NOT broken!”
  She was made for him.

He fits to her soul like the last puzzle piece,
  Vibrant, making the whole picture complete.
Racing is his mind, nothing seems to calm,
  until he sees her, his fiery red hair gal.
Excitement is a curious creature,
   It can be wonderful, when expected.
Speaking can be useful, after much altering.
   But he doesn’t have to change for her,
She knows exactly who he is, and even more.
   He knows how to woo her, from the deepest part of his heart.

Very matter of fact, no filtering required
  for this is a special kind of love.
A love that many so often throw aside,
  to glamorize a cheap imitation.
Bright lights, loud stares, and quiet words
  determined to shatter their dreams.
Hollywood glitz & glamour films, tell of impossible tales
   knowing that they themselves, long for something real.
Give us a tale of how we should love,
  how not to cast aside the broken.
For it is our true stories, of undeserving compassion
  How we are loved for everything we are,
Give us a Love Story like Marissa & Billy.

Please visit the link below to know more about their story:
Dez Cat Jan 2016
My world could be a chromosome
My world could be a atom
My world could lay in your hands
Or even be a blown bubble.
chuckae May 2015

Poems and poetry
Are like *chromosomes

In a human cell.

Instead of DNA,
Poems hold the voices
of our soul in words.

There's so much
to say and make people

So, they are twisted
and coiled
with hidden

Poets are like scientists
But poets don't invent they
this is just random **** (sorry, not sorry) i came up with
~ fiona
Kiran NivedhS Feb 2015
Only once she smiled when I cried,
That is the time when I was born.
She held her breadth and brought me to earth
She gave her love without any wanting in return

When I first stepped like 24 paired chromosome being
She would have been astonished on seeing.
Her astonishment would have been imbibed inside my heart,
So that I am relieving it now in this form of art.

When I reached her height
I recognized her might
She taught me life
Tacitly by her life.

Still I am a child to her
Though wrinkles sketches my face.

In this life of race
Next venture could take me to an unknown place
That place also will be followed by her love

She is very special to me
As how every children is special to their mother.

— The End —