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I realized that
No matter how much you want someone
Or how hard you try to make it work
No matter how perfect you are
Or how beautiful
If it’s not you it’s not you

Don’t wait around hoping
waiting for scraps
You’ll only get hurt
You’re trying to be perfect,
giving it your all
your best
while you get nothing in return
Worse part is they make it seem like you want too much
Like you are too much
The next person will treat you better
Don’t be bitter he/she did you no wrong
It just wasn’t you
It was never you.

Hardest part of it is moving on
But you have to
Don’t be surprised
They’ll act better with the next person
They’ll be different
It’s not you
It was never you
It’s difficult to be in a one sided relationship, your heart will break over and over again till it’s out of shape... my advice : if you’ve tried your best, given it your all and all you get is pain, move on, choose yourself, you are perfect, you are everything, you are amazing... someone else will cherish you, will appreciate you, will know your worth and would never want to loose you. You are not the problem! You probably needed to hear this... be strong

— The End —