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Veronika Feb 18
I remember standing in the sea
With a pale peach grasped between my hands,
And as the wave grew closer near,
I held it up against my lips.

And closer still, the wave came near,
And there I stood, still looking on
For what to me, was an entire year
I knew I'd let the wave swallow me whole.

And for a second I caught a glimpse
Of the wave curving over my head,
I closed my eyes and held my breath,
And let the wave wash over me.

Then there remaining, I still stood
having survived the passing wave,
Peach pressed still there, against my lips
I took a bite and tasted salt
And then the sweetness of the rest.
Cataloguing my childhood
Myriah Sep 2016
There's a chill in the air
it's sweater weather
autumn is here!
I'm going to do some
October things  
I wanna  jump in  in pile  of crisp leaves and
go apple picking
in the orchard
I can smell autumn
*dancing in the breeze

— The End —