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Laurent Apr 2015
Taking my child in my heart
To comfort his griefs,
Taking my child in my arms
To dry his tears,
Taking my child in my hand
To absorb his sadness.

Taking my child in my life
To lead him to his future,
Taking my child in my hope
To give him confidence in his stride,
Taking my child in my coloured dreams
And let him go to sleep in peace.
Laurent Apr 2015
A Daily missing ,
Feeling a different future,
Struggling against this instant,
Accepting this present time,
And this living otherwise.
bout tree years ago
me planted me seed in me wife
me wife looked like a a tird babylon
had grown on er tomach
bout a year ago
she **** out a rastafarian mon
and de babylon disapeared
me say me tink es ugly
how should me give em away
me tink me give em back to jah
me gona leave im in da cah
and bake em like da ganga
ee almost went back to jah
me wife say wat was u tinkin
me say me didnt no
she say how me be so dum
me say me smoke a ton
she say ow much is dat
me say it be alot
she say ow much is alot
"like, dis much"
(me old out me hands to show)
Felicia C Jul 2014
"6 years old, brunette hair, pink dress."
"I’m with the grandmother."
"Last seen?"

Later they found her by the moon star wall.
It sang her arrival to hold a stranger’s hand and, grinning, she skipped to her grandmother’s arms.
June 2014

— The End —