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Abraham Oct 2017
Bing bing **** annouce
train to Chiang Mai departs soon!
the king sleeps dog barks
Gabriel K Sep 2015
So I was in Chiang Mai
Top North Bar
little bit high
sweet Vallies
bottle of beer
playing pool with a ladyboy
making coy
while she
with me
wondering how it works
when a friend of hers arrives
starts chatting to me
“Where you from?” etcetera.
I told her I had a girlfriend we were practically married I don’t think she believed it
she said she liked me her name was Panchit.
So eventually
we left
drove to the night market for pad thai
and som tam
nam ya
couple of Singha
smoke ****
went to a club called Apocalypse Now drop a pill,
she didn't wanna go home
she wanted to stay out
laughing and drinking and dancing to trance music
for hours and hours;
round three
we went back to the hotel
ignored the No Guests rule
went upstairs showered,
we made love;
and when we were done
fell asleep
in each other's arms.

5am she wakes me up says she has to go home now
I ask her what’s wrong
she starts babbling
something like nung hah song
sawadi-something sip-si,
I ask her
in English
what she needs,
she makes a rubbing gesture
between her forefinger and thumb.
I understood
people gotta eat,
I give her what she asked for:
500 Baht
a meaningless amount unspeakable currency,
she got her shoes
kissed me on the cheek
said goodbye,
I offered to drive her
but she said it was fine
and left.

— The End —