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Jim Davis Apr 23
That dead to the world feeling
(while still impatiently alive)

Not knowing what terrible beast comes
Slipping out from the ebon blackness

Wandering life, hoping  to find a small light
Only more darkness seen in eager search
Let there be light, Oh, Let there be light,
Please let there be light

©  2019 Jim Davis
My first attempt at a cherita (thanks Leara Nicole Morris-Clark) - yes, I know it is a dark story, but darkness so well captures my feelings right now!  Let there be light! Please!
Inked Quill Aug 2018
Decay marks my soul

Locked in cage
Hung above the waves

Despair coming in wavelets
A yearn that aches
Smitten by rotten stench
Sticky rivers run down my hand.

Under the summer sun,
Sweet chocolate swirl melts on my tongue.

As the song fades in the distance,
Meet me behind the shed.
I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.
This poetry form is called a Cherita.
Inked Quill Sep 2017
That little girl in photograph

Broken front tooth
& a cheesy smile

A sad gaze
And a lopsided head
Begging for solace
Inked Quill Sep 2017
Her raised gaze

He saw wavelets

About to roll down
But didn't
Her smile was the reef
a crack in the sky

I lean the eye into
the puncture of light

for closure
of heartbreak's wound
supernatural healing
Some wounds only God can reach down and heal. I wrote this trying to adopt a new for called cherita. Ill get the hang of it with more practice.

— The End —