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acacia Jul 14
A dopo, tesoro, il blu e tu!
À plus ****, chérie, le bleu et toi!
(want you in the world...)
Behind the flashing lights
Blinding but she smiles
Her beauty and her charm

Big hair, red dress
She bats her lashes
"Tu es très belle, ma chérie!"
Flowers, kisses, strange men
And she smiles as always

Her story unfolds
As she dressed up for the show
Chiffons and laces
All night she dances
And in the morning
with all the glances
She hides her pain under her big sunglasses

Not one of them cares
What she hides and what she bears
For they will never see
Her precious diamond tears
Nor hear her anxieties and fears

Home at last
Once again
She grabs her silver flask
Drenched herself in her cocktail of sadness
Then she gets undress
But not that she can't address
Because everytime she looks
In the mirror it says
''Tu te ments à toi-même comme toujours''
She wipes off her make up
And she cries as always

-Ma Chérie, Margaret Austin Go

— The End —