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My name is Julie Chatterbox,
I do waste thoughts a lot,
I can perform my monologue,
My brain does a yap a lot,
All I have to say,
Is raise your coffee this way,
To stinking thinking, okay?
If you want an opinion, ask me,
I can indulge in repartee!
Feeback welcome, know thyself.
-- Nov 2017
Good intentions
all misconstrued
to emo-orthodoxy.
Those that shoulder those stutters that fall blandly from lips loosed free from inhibition know their shame all too well.
JayceeJellies May 2017
Idiotic girl,
ranting in the form of a sentence
in this forum full of nonsense
about how an old friend
felt her up despite knowing
she has sexaul trauma issues...
but that's just her post today.
Tomorrow there will be something
else that actually triggers me,
but she doesn't care about that possibility,
does she?
Why am I still on this stupid website?

— The End —