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TedH415 Oct 2015
You wake up
its snowing
sweat pants, hoodie with no t-shirt, heavy beanie
a steamy car awaits out front
two faces inside
familiar but you don’t know them
...really know them...
tracks in the snow pressed into the streets
you're cold
you're hot
you're sweating
you're crawling
you're skin feels like spiders
it will all be better in a little while
everything you worked for this week will pay off
to lie.
to steal.
money gained
money lost
all you want is a quick little taste
a taste of something greater
of what you think life should be
no life is perfect
you need perfection
you need stability
this is your stability
you pull up
blacked out cadillac parks
he gets out
tall black face
taped up shoes
****** up face
he sits in
how many?
3 bundles
your problems have already passed
they passed the second you saw that car roll up
it was the security you needed
the security you wanted
and now
in your hand
is all the security you’ll ever need
you were searching for it
and you found it
white powdered gold at the end of the rainbow..
TedH415 Oct 2015
Heated passion engrosses your every nerve, exploding sensations through your entire body.

You're so in love that nothing matters. Heavens bliss shining down on you constantly.

Heated arguments implement an impression of hate into every tissue of your embodiment.

The absolute definition of what you have come to call a “relationship”… Heaven and Hell.

— The End —