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Nylee Nov 2017
Electric buzzes through the skin
light flashes on as I blink
I see faces too close
breathe too slow
the air
I found myself nowhere
a maze to maze
a small world
The energy reviving
ain't in control
beneath static
Want to be set free
want to flow in
Lynx Nov 2017
What is context?
Clearly they don't know.
I show my innocence
Yet get sent to the gullitine regardless
Even when half the jury is in my favor
The King refuses
and I get charged for a crime
I never committed
Trying to protect someone
Who just wanted me dead
JR Falk Jan 2016
If home is where the heart is,
I know it does not lie with you.
For there is no stranger being that could embody it.
Although we were children,
you have lost your place in my mind,
my heart,
and whilst I keep myself as far from you as possible,
it seems you continuously find your way in.
Despite my best efforts
you are a force to be reckoned with.
Despite your best efforts,
so am I.
The newspaper came out with a story last week.
"Man Charged With Having Relationship With Girl"

What you’ve deserved all these years has
caught up with your running,
as you cannot run forever.
It's time we grow up.
Hide and seek is over.
All this time I thought I was the one who should be hiding.
Maybe, it should have been you.

My ****** was sentenced to two and a half years in prison.
Sy Lilang May 2014
Her alias was Sunrise
The affable Sky
Brags her entity
In the high latitude
Her voice was heard.

There exists Energy
He puts up the plug
With the invisible outlet
Of the naked Sky
His charged particles
Brought collision
Brought wonder
To the full-sized Universe.

The solar wind
The Earth
Both were crowd-pullers
Every one knelt down
As they see
The Roman Goddess of Dawn
Her melodramatic entrance
Her chameleon-like aptitude
The neon lights
Without Christmas *****
Made her zone broaden.

I am the Seeker
A Dreamer
In this winter breeze
I lied down
With the techy remote
The Goddess of Fantasy.

(12/5/13 @xirlleelang)

— The End —