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Declan ODonohue May 2019
i remember a friday
when i was ten, or maybe eleven
i was in love with a girl named lyndsay
not that i ever said anything to her
she was dating chad, an utter douch
i was smart
i could explain gravity
but i couldnt run
or kick a ball
so i did my school work
and daydreamed about the day
when i would be the coolest person in the room
simply because i was smart
and then one day, lindsay gave me a gift
a 50 cent bag of popcorn
she told me she got it just for me
so i thanked her, and went back to my desk to eat it
in the first bite was a piece of chewed gum
i couldnt spit it out, that would be rude
so i swallowed it
and cursed the parent volunteer who had been so careless
with their gum
twenty one years later
sitting on the toilet
it occurs to me that maybe lindsay deserved chad more than i knew
I’ve always been a hopeless romantic inside my own little world.
Ellison Sep 2018
My notebook is scrawled with the words
That come out to play when they've heard
I've been feeling a tad tired, or a tad too mad
But in the end, their laughter makes me so glad!

There's a voice that chatters on with plan
And another that keeps me on the straight and narrow
I can feel them straight through the green bone marrow
It's time to find out just where they all stand!

One whispers with wisdom of good common sense
Another would like to shoot Mr. Mike Pence
My little good friends that play on the swing
They yell out from throats that make my head ring!

I love you so much
Is it wrong that we want to smother you with our touch?
But my fists pummel with a passion so great
And in the end, everybody gets my hate!
Gavin Barnard May 2017
As a poet, an emotional wreck,
And a suicidal human being,
True love to me is
Forcing my hand through my ribs
And tearing my heart from my chest,
Settling it in your hands
And expecting you to keep me alive.
It might be slippery from all the blood, and its probably gonna start stinking cause of decomposition and maggots, but if you drop it its not going back in.

The worst part about three AM is that I'm hungry and I gotta be somewhere tomorrow. Finally evolving from a NEET into... Idek whats next.
I await you
Days away you are
Stops me not from diving stronger still in wanting
With will wishing and whispering to the trees and begging them please
to bring you back to me nature boy.
You walk away with a back full of gear
But I saw your tears..
It has only been hours but feels like years
Come back to me nature boy
You have days of travel on your feet
Trouble is everywhere in your path until next we meet
All I want is you safe at home, come home to me nature boy
Tonight you are out under the stars with so little
My bed very lush feels so empty and plain
It is so empty without you sharing it with me
Come home nature boy and sleep with me again
With WILL wishing and whispering to the trees around you...
keep you safe til you are back with me..
Come back to me nature boy

— The End —