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Tommy Randell Feb 2019
So, our goodbye
Could not be *******
It had to be with words

The human contradiction
To face a Reality
With an Absurd

When what we needed
Was tears and after ***
A begging not to go

We ended it all
With pleasantries
And saying we'd stay close

I paid the tab
And got your coat and
Caught your wave from the corner

Went back in
To drown my sorrows
In a private torture

I could tell you now
I forgot you quickly
But that would be a lie

I could tell you how
I left the City
Became a different guy

But life's not like that
And, Celia
After almost 50 years

The Poet in me trembles
Vividly remembers
And is tortured in arrears

Three separate wives
Many different lives
My heart has never moved

All I have lost
All it has cost
Celia, the permanence of you.
So alone
playing with the week
have no fear
you know its here

Spinning on some stretchy tunes
like sand dancing on electric dunes

Its all fun and games
make sure you're never late for your trains

Sway to the music baby
your mind is gunna hit the floor

But be careful what you do my son,
fun and games can be lost, as well as won.
Oh I am partial to it

— The End —