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Del Aug 2016
He made me think about vast open horizons of endless blue,
with soft breeze kisses that taste like saltwater and the start of something new;

Of footprints painted yellow and warm carcasses on golden skin;

Of dancing under colorful hues of fallen leaves when autumn came;

Of snuggling close in purple blankets when spring began;

Of tracing out the constellations from the splashes of paint we called the galaxy;

Of red bricks and white window panes;

Of a garden of colors that are surrounded by the sound of his name;

Of brown wooden floors and a burning fireplace -

Of not being so lonely, in a peaceful place.
Del Jul 2016
All of us were once temporary tenants of a home whose arms could not keep us forever.
Within the walls of our temporary shelter we find ourselves asking our constant

‘What ifs‘

Hoping to find the answer carried by the wind through one of the open windows.
A soft breeze to either tell us-

-we are finally home or a storm is coming.

We have all been there.

We have fallen in love with someone we shouldn’t have
And left someone who could have loved us forever.

These people are like CD’s in a record store.
Stacked together side by side; each one a different genre, a different feeling.

All of them only having one thing in common- they were, somewhat- a temporary addiction.

A song that was compatible with the person we were at the time. Like sunsets, these are the people who would teach you the beauty in saying goodbye, to find beauty in the darkness, and to find the light in the blanketed sky.

Our sunsets, these temporary people who we welcome in our lives, are just that. Sunsets.

And soon enough, you will see the sun rise again, bringing hope to a better day.
So go, enjoy your sunsets and appreciate them while they’re here

-because I promise you,

One day when the sun finally sets,

You’ll find someone who will stay the night just to watch the sunrise with you.
Del Jul 2016
You are a contradiction, let me be an exception

“Let it go” you said, as you reached out for my hand, your fingers like threads that stitch and bind your skin with mine.

“Close your eyes” you said, as you showed me what could be. We were a vivid dream, why did you wake me ?

“Hold on to me” you said, as we jumped and I fell and kept falling, as you pulled out your parachute. I never did learn to fly.

“You are free” you said, but what was freedom when it gave me a choice to go back to you?

“Stay with me” you said, as you stood by the doorway, looked at me and shut the door.

How could I ask you to stay, when it seemed easier to let you go?

There is beauty in tragedy, they say
But where was the beauty, in this tragedy?
Where was the beauty, if my heart was the tragedy?

And I have asked myself,

Where do you end?
Where do I begin?
‘Why not’

You did not mean what you said, but it hurt like you did
I wish I did not
But I did
I did

You are my contradiction, but I am not your exception

— The End —