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Jey Nov 2014
She is the divinity;
     of her own supreme world.
     The translucent spot,
     on a porcelain that is old.

She is the aftermath.
     that followed a long day.
     The upshot of everything;
     gone along the way.

She above anyone;
     is the reason why I write.
     Tonight at this lonely;
     only helped by the moonlight.

She is the hope;
     of every heart that has ever loved.
     Brings fate to every end;
     the cause to what someone might have.

She who waits;
     patiently for her own Apollo.
     Will do whatever it takes;
     and meet him with her bow.

She who moves the nephelae;
     to every cover and pall.
     The ominous to my reality;
     was her blear and SHE.
Jey Nov 2014
Tonight I can write the thoughts I have for you.
So that someday when you read this, you'll think of me too.

I will write until the last moment.
For you have given me a life that is treasuring to spent.

You made me feel like I was in heaven.
You now have me seeking for a safe haven.

I hate the way you treated me.
I hate exactly what you did to me.

When you laughed at what I asked.
When you weren't there when I passed.

Tonight I can write the most bitter of them all.
For this will be the mark that for you, I hardly fall.

I will write for I can still recall the memories.
The memories we had full of joy and bliss.

Those moments where you are still with me.
That moment where in your side is the safe place to be.

I will write for I had been hurt with the things you've said.
Those thoughts of you made my heart break 'til it bled.

Tonight I can write for I can't get over you.
Because it would be the hardest thing I cannot do.
Jey Nov 2014
All the songs we used to sing,
I now sing alone.

Since you left,
a lot has changed,
and now I’m on my own.

I’m grateful for the times we shared,
but now I say goodbye.

My love,
we need to move on now,
our forever was a lie.
Jey Nov 2014
Today I am an adventurer
I've traveled the ends of the earth.
Played with the waves of Poseidon
rolled and swam on.

— The End —