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Irene Poole Oct 2017
Playing the waiting game
Each one dancing around the other
Uncertainty building like a storm cloud with each passing
Is this real?
Was this whole thing a child's game
Cat and mouse?
Crickets sing their song to the moon
Cars pass
The empty parking lot bathes in street lamp glow
What happens now?
Waiting for someone to show up for a first-time meeting is a feeling that puts me on edge. So I thought I'd write about it.
Saudia R Aug 2013
The friend zone; A place I truly detest.
I've never been here before, it’s hard.
I laugh at your jokes until tears fall from my eyes!
I want to know,
do you share my feelings?
I graze your arm and my heartbeat quickens;
The electricity takes me so high!
I look into your eyes and feel the ground shift,
I want to know,
do you share my feelings?
You make me feel like you do,
and then you change the way you act!
But the very next day we are back at the start,
tell me!
Do you share my feelings!?
An endless circle we weave,
I just can’t catch my breath.
do you share my feelings?
Lauren Cole Sep 2014
Claws retract,
Prey is trapped,
Between death and pain,
Pinned and hanged.

Sauntering and sassy,
Tearing the flesh with it’s teeth,
Not very classy,
But the hum of the fur,
Attracts another,
A growling mutt comes,
A feast has begun,
No one has won.

— The End —