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Well I guess I knew it all along
You were singing to another song
There was no harmony to our verse
So bad it couldn't get any worse

The words just never rhymed
Our life steps were out of time
And the way you always spared
The commitment that was never there

Well like a bird without a nest
A rainbow without the rain
I see it all so clearly now
I see it through the pain

All the secrets you withheld
All those pretty little lies
Every question never answered
Another tiny piece of me dies

Like a lake without it's water
A glacier without it's ice
You'd go dancing around the corner
To see who you could entice

So like a heart without it's lover
A sky without the blue
I'll guess I'll be moving on
Trying to forget about you

So like a bird without a nest
A rainbow without the rain
I'll be moving on
I think it's for the best
Oh come hither to me
My sweetest honey roasted peanut lips
Your almonds I will nibble
You won't be able now to sleep
Let me crack your  perfect pecans
I will walnut you away
I will **** away your cashews
Lick all the salt away
I will ****** all your Brazil nuts
They are most precious I must say .
Yes I have gone completely nutty
What more could I say .
Restless are the words inside my world
You put your hand in and swirled cloudy
my emotional backwaters of love
My hand must hold you by your shoulders
My body could not be any bolder
as I wrap my longing lust around your shoulders
I fearfully look into your eyes as you are fearfully looking back
We are fast approaching the point of no turning back
My hands flow over your body
Your hands are holding mine back
As all of our lips go on the attack
Your chest pressed up to mine
My hand on your behind
The seconds are flashing by
as you let out a loving sigh
I want you and you want me
Neither one will deny
But we separate holding hands and
Like two ships passing at sea
We wave to each other
Then we must be on our way

— The End —