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Tommy Randell Sep 2017
My day just got made
With a parcel from China
And as Aqua Shoes go
They couldn't be finer

But there's one thing
That's really unclear
The amazing low cost
Of getting them here

That's 10,000 Km
As the Crow flies
But I've no idea
How many road miles

From Factory to hand
From Machine to Stock
All according to plan
Right to my letterbox

Just so I can swim
On a Volcanic beach
In the Canary Islands
On holiday next week

We should worry maybe
About some of this
But the Aquas are cool
AND they fit!
An ironic poem ( I hope you see ) about on-line shopping amongst other issues. The poem's true - I just liked them and bought them without even thinking where thay might be coming from. And Yes, they were posted direct from Fujian Sheng for 4 GBP ( 5.30 USD ) and arrived within 5days ... which made we wonder a little ...

— The End —