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- JGMC Jul 5
The sets keep coming and coming, one after the other. You can’t get up to take a breathe lately. You’re held under, so deeply. You sometimes even feel like you’re drowning. But you know that there will be a break in between the sets that are currently crashing down on you.

And when that very moment arises, when you see the break. You will gain your strength, you will choose to swim, to break through those wave’s of sadness, anger and self doubt.

You really don’t want to sink, you want to keep on swimming, because you are a fighter, a survivor and you’re eager to continue on your journey that we call life.

Waves always come and go, but its up to you weather or not you sink or swim..

- JGMC•¥• ©
Another published piece from my book of short poems KCUF.STIGMA
GiveUpGoHome Jul 2015

                  Is                      ­                                                        
                      a                                       ­                              -- like mine
                          Dreaded                        ­                           --
                                           Thing                                    --
                   ­                                    for                           --
                                                              ­ a                   --
                                                              ­      Mind   --
They say she's broken
Can never be the same
They say that no one will lover her
Not even a rat
Well that's just cold
Cause I know how she feels
To be lost and lone
Who am I to disagree?
Me and her
We go way back
We are the best of friends
Like two peas in a ***
They called us weird
Freaks even
But we ignored them
Didn't hear the words
But when we went home
We would cry
The names hurt
but we found something to help with the pain
We hid the razors well
They wait atop the mirror
Waiting to be stained in red once more

— The End —