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Katie Feb 23
Can you hear me?
I screamed this to you too many times but this time is not the same.
The difference resonates within me.
I cry louder, can you hear me?
Ripping a new, more painful hole inside myself knowing you won't answer.
These tears burn like the fire you left in my mind that I'll never find an extinguisher strong enough to put it out.
Can you hear me?
But, I know you can't because you're forever sleeping in the ground and I'm here questioning my sanity.
Amanda Jan 2015
Dear Lord,
Can you hear me?
I've been praying so long that someone would be,
I've been praying so long that someone will see,
the truth behind these eyes
and the
sadness in this smile.
I'm searching for my other half,
my one and only,
my soulmate.
Where is she, God, can you help me?
I've placed so much in the hands of fate.

See there's a hole in my heart
that never fully healed.
My whole life, I've been waiting
for something that's real.
I need someone to show me
what I haven't felt in years;
Please, give me someone
who will break down these walls
& help me let go of these fears.

And Dear God,
Can you see me?
I'm over here
on bended knee,
I'm not too proud to beg,
but see;

I miss the butterflies,
I miss the forehead kisses.
I miss the feel of her against me,
and the 11:11 wishes.
I could have the whole world, but
it's the little things I'm always missing.

Dear God...

— The End —